First of all, I would like to say TA SAIN BAINA UU?, HELLO, in Mongolian, to you spending your golden time for visiting our website.

I am more than happy to invite you to our Mongolia, motherland of Great king Chinggis, the World history and the land of Blue Sky.

Mongolia is a museum of different types of landscapes, flora, fauna and is one of very few untouched, virgin countries left on the earth in modern days.

If you want to feel freedom of steppe strong wind, feel peace in your mind and are a hunter for new adventure, Yes! You are about to choose the right place.

Spend quality time by exploring truly nomadic lifestyle of Mongolians with amazing untouched landscapes waking up with beautiful sound of rare birds and relaxing underneath millions of bright shining stars in the clear night sky.

Leave your all worries at home, Spend breathtaking moments with us in Mongolian Endless Countryside !

May your all wishes flourish forever,

Welcome to Mongolia

About company

Mongolian Gobi Taiga Tour is one of the young leading companies, officially founded in 2011.

The founder, Inga Erdenebaatar has been in the travel industry since 2007. She originally learned, got degrees in English Translator and Human Resource management. However, joined in travel industry by working as tour guide in 2007, she was attracted by her amazing, wild nature of Mongolia definitively.

So, she truly loved the countryside, understood this was the only thing which she must do as her dream job without any doubt.

Then after achieving fabulous experience, knowledge about the country by herself while working for some good companies as a tour guide constantly for 4 seasons for 5 years, she decided to have her own tour company to design Inga’s trips in which she really wants her visitors to feel the heart touching Mongolian unique, peaceful nature and real nomadic life style as deep as she experienced by herself.

Why Mongolian Gobi Taiga Tour?

Mongolian Gobi Taiga Tour – Organization & Operation – Since our company is state licensed and fully owned by Mongols, we have the most reliable local experience for every kind of tour arrangements, guaranteed smooth operations and our professional team can take responsibility and action in all situations.
Quality and Service
We are here to help you to make your unforgettable, breathtaking memories in Mongolia with high quality of service in the most friendly, alive and safest way. Our team members focus on interactive communications, experiences sharing with Mongolian people, especially nomadic herder communities since one of the primary purposes of our clients are to understand local way of life, culture and beliefs, and exchange knowledge in non-touristic way.
Quick response
We respond to email inquiries within 24 hours (or within one working day). You can send us a letter of what you want in brief and we will reply with appropriate tour plans in detail ASAP.
We offer you unlimited types of tailor made tours for your special interest such as Cultural, Adventure, Historical, Nature,Classic, Event or Festival, Bird watching, Wild Flower or Animal watching, Trekking, Horseback riding, Camel riding, Group tours, Private tours, Women travels, Single travels, Family holiday tours and others which are also in their repertoire. On each type of tours, we put our very best effort to ensure that each destination can be a place that you will enjoy and all things are organized super good. We are always happy to design the tailor made tours that must be fit to your all needs completely.
Best prices
We offer the best prices in town, so avoid the middle man and book directly with us.
Flexibility of schedules
We extend customizing your tour to accommodate additional days to visit more sites along route. Your tour will be absolutely tailor-made for you.

Maybe you are interested

Light of North

Mongolia has wide territory. South has Gobi, West has sharp high mountains, East has historical track of Chinggis King, Central has our ancient city etc, North has high mountains with high trees and freshest lake.  To be honest, all of these 4 parts of Mongolia are equal with their beauties of Nature. However, this time, this trip will bring you to central and Northern Part of Mongolia. If you are a lover for green grass, high trees, beautiful lakes, wild colorful flowers and rare culture, this trip is good choice for you. Leave your travel worries with us, create the unforgettable moments of your life time in Mongolia 

12 Days, 11 Nights
From: $

Hiking and relaxing in National parks

Don’t you have enough time to explore Mongolia? Don’t worry and be happy because you still can see beauty of our nature in Terelj National Park which has combination of landscapes of mongolia and explore our nomadic culture while visiting nomads in only 3 days. On this short trip, you will visit statue complex of our great king Chinggis and go for horse riding in beautiful valley.

2 Days, 1 Night
From: $

Contrast of Nature

This tour itinerary is best for people who wants to discover contrast of mongolian beautiful landscapes on one tour. Everyday the landscape is changed and you can have many different feeling from this wonderful tour. You will travel from South with huge sand dunes to North with lake of freshest water. You can see animals from camel to reindeers on one tour. Isn't it wonderful?

15 Days, 14 Nights
From: $

Mystic Gobi

This tour itinerary is an idol for everyone who wants to discover Mongolian Gobi Desert, its beauties. Driving through the magical Gobi Desert with mystical mirage will lead you to unforgettable moments of your lifetime. Visiting local nomadic families, camel riding along sand dunes and seeing historic sites will be wonderful, adventurous experience of your life. On this tour, you will see all of the Gobi Highlights. Leave your travel worries with us and enjoy your time.

7 Days, 6 Nights
From: $