Embrace the Wild Beauty:
Wander Through Mongolia's Unspoiled Wilderness!

Light of North
Mongolia has wide territory. South has Gobi, West has sharp high mountains, East has historical track of Chinggis King, Central has our ancient city etc, North has high mountains with high trees and freshest lake.  To be honest, all of these 4 parts of Mongolia are equal with their beauties of Nature. However, this time, this trip will bring you to central and Northern Part of Mongolia. If you are a lover for green grass, high trees, beautiful lakes, wild colorful flowers and rare culture, this trip is good choice for you. Leave your travel worries with us, create the unforgettable moments of your life time in Mongolia 
12 Days, 11 Nights
From: $
Horse trekking in Orkhon valley
This tour is for those who love both of wild nature and horse riding. In such modern days, travelling on horseback in the beautiful wild nature without any phone calls or internet connection is like meditation for our brain. Except this feeling ,you will visit many historical places such as hidden mystical monastery on the mountain where we can go for hiking in the deep woods with colorful flowers to reach. Sleeping in ger next to beautiful lake in silence only with sound of birds will be good relaxation. We believe that exploring our nomadic culture will be unforgettable experience of your lifetime.
9 Days, 8 Nights
From: $
Magic Taiga
Have you ever thought to live without any network, telephone, car, television and even bicycle. Wouldn’t it make our brain so relaxed, health much better? If you agree, this tour will bring you to such a magic place Taiga located in the far north part of Mongolia. We all always have to work for living, but why can’t we take some days break from our responsibility, just walk in the nature, play on fresh green grass under eternal blue sky. Just let’s leave every problem behind, enjoy only nature with truly nomadic people. Let’s live, do like Mongolians, especially with Reindeer people for some days. You will never regret of choosing this trip. Those days will always be breathtaking memories to enjoy remembering when you are back to city, normal life.
10 Days, 9 Nights
From: $
Hiking through the wild flowers
11 Days, 10 Nights
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