Embrace the Wild Beauty:
Wander Through Mongolia's Unspoiled Wilderness!

A Day to Terelj National Park

Don’t you have enough time to explore Mongolia? Don’t worry and be happy because you still can see beauty of our nature in Terelj National Park which has combination of landscapes of mongolia and explore our nomadic culture while visiting nomads in only a day. On this a day tour, you still can see beautiful creatures by nature, go for hiking and horse riding and explore our culture of nomads.
  • Visiting nomadic family
  • Riding horses
  • Staying in ger
  • Exploring culture
  • Going for hike
  • Terelj National Park
  • Turtle rock 
  • Ariyabala temple
  • Making new friends
  • Beautiful view of nature
1 day
Group Size
2-12 People
Jan-December 2024


We will pick you up from your location in the morning and our adventure to explore Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and beauty of mongolian nature will begin. Approximately after 2 hours of driving, we will reach the Terelj National park which is the most popular destination and the third biggest protected area in Mongolia. The area is combination of beautiful landscapes of mongolia and famous by its fascinating rock formation against backdrop of pine covered mountains and wander along the wooded banks of a mountain stream. There are highlights including historical cave used as shelter for 100 monks during the purge period 87 years ago and a famous turtle rock which looks exactly like a giant turtle. Also, we can do some hiking to visit a local small temple Aryabala which is located in very peaceful location where you can have a good view of the national park from. We will visit nomadic family to get to know of our culture more and have 1-2 hours of horse riding in the beautiful nature with the help of mongolian horseman. After spending quality hours in the nature, relaxed mentally and physically, we will leave the national park back for the city.