Embrace the Wild Beauty:
Wander Through Mongolia's Unspoiled Wilderness!

Amarbayasgalant monastery

Mongolia once conquered the half of the world in the 13th century. All of the important meetings of the war strategies were held by the king in the capital city of the Great Mongolian Empire. On this trip, you will see this historical town in the Orkhon valley and see how it was like from beautiful museums.
  • Visiting nomadic family
  • Riding horses
  • Staying in ger
  • Exploring culture
  • Going for hike
  • Terelj National Park
  • Turtle rock 
  • Ariyabala temple
  • Making new friends
  • Beautiful view of nature
3 Days, 2 Nights
Group Size
2-10 People
Jan-December 2024


We will pick you up from your location in the morning and travel to the north part of mongolia. Soon after leaving the city, you will see beautiful nature and nomadic families with many livestock. On the way, we will pass through small city and some villages. In the late afternoon, we will reach one of the mongolian 3 important monasteries, Amarbayasgalant which is located in beautfull valley. BLD.


After having breakfast in the fresh air, we will visit the monastery Amarbaysgalant. It was built by Manchu Emperor between 1727-1736 with more than 40 temples in honor of Saint Zanabazar, the first Bogd and the great artist. The architectural construction of the monastery is amazing. The main style is Chinese while it combines little Tibetan and Mongolian architecture. During 1930s the monastery was destroyed by the communists. The monastery was being restored by UNESCO from 1975 until reopening in 1990. At the present moment 30 monks live here within the age range of 7-90. There is big number of young monks (13) in between the age of 7 and 13, who have for a great part been picked up from orphanages around Mongolia. In the main temple is a life-size statue of Guru Deva Rinpoche who is the formal abbot of the monastery although he is only there a short time a year. From 1992 he has been putting effort in restoring temples, statues and scriptures. A couple of new monuments – golden Buddhist statue and a stupa –are situated on the hills behind the monastery. You could continue hiking up the mountains for even better views of the valley. In the afternoon, we will visit to a nomadic family lives in the peaceful valley to see how our Mongolians are still keeping the nomadic culture in the countryside. BLD.



After having fresh breakfast, we will travel shortly to reach the Aglag Buteel Monastery which is located in the beautiful mountainous valley. The Aglag buteel monstery was created by god"s painter G.Purevbat to practice meditation, to educate and create books. The monastery gate protected by Garuda griffin, which is laying its 8 eggs and a beaver with fish head to guarding. The paradise monastery and Buddha portrait exalted in the position on honor, Yanjinlkhama goddess on the right wall, and the paradise and the hell paintings on the left wall. There is a gecko and scorpio statues on the gigantic stone in the monastery. What’s more there is a road with special vacuum environment for meditation, blessing and anyone, who walk by this road able to understand human and natural linkage, to care for the earth, and to purify their spirit and mind. After a great walk around the monastery and having lunch, we will continually drive on asphalt road back to Ulaanbaatar. BLD.