Embrace the Wild Beauty:
Wander Through Mongolia's Unspoiled Wilderness!

Light of North

Mongolia has wide territory. South has Gobi, West has sharp high mountains, East has historical track of Chinggis King, Central has our ancient city etc, North has high mountains with high trees and freshest lake.  To be honest, all of these 4 parts of Mongolia are equal with their beauties of Nature. However, this time, this trip will bring you to central and Northern Part of Mongolia. If you are a lover for green grass, high trees, beautiful lakes, wild colorful flowers and rare culture, this trip is good choice for you. Leave your travel worries with us, create the unforgettable moments of your life time in Mongolia 
  • Murun town
  • Uushigin uvur deer stones
  • Belter river
  • Camping in wild nature
  • White lake
  • Horsetrekking
  • Exploring culture of reindeer people
  • Enjoying wilderness of nature
  • Exploring Taiga
  • Hiking
12 Days, 11 Nights
Group Size
2-12 People
May-October 2024


Today we are leaving UB for western side. Soon after leaving, we will visit a mongolian nomadic family to know of our culture, share our cultures and ride horse for 1-2 hours.  After having lunch of mongolian cuisine, we will drive shortly to the National Park, Khustai. The 90,000 hectare Hustain Huruu National Park, home to the world's only naturally surviving wild horse. The Przewalski horse (or takhi in Mongolian) has been successfully reintroduced into the wild and has a light yellow coat and a short, stiff black mane. Hustai has unique landscape that features mountain steppe and steppe, also there are sand dunes representing Gobi of Mongolia and River wetlands. In the evening we will enjoy seeing the wild horses in beautiful nature.


After breakfast, we will leave the National Park to the ancient, first capital city of the Great Mongol Empire dated back from 13rd century. It will take about nearly 280kms on mostly asphalt road. On the way, we will stop by sand dune, Mongol els to see Mongolian camels and enjoy the sand dunes. The Kharkhorin city is one of the most popular places of Mongolia not only because it was the ancient capital in 13rd century, but it has Erdenezuu Monastery which is one of Mongolian three most important monasteries. From the museums, you will have good knowledge of Mongolia of 13rd century and Mongolian Buddism


In the morning, we will leave the ancient city for natural hot spa spring Tsenkher.  The nature will become more deeply forested and we will get where we left the city for. Tsenkher is a natural hot spring that flows from the ground, through the seasons, at a temperature of 85 Celsius. The spring is located in central Mongolia in a mountainous region, at 1,860 meters above the sea level. The spring is beneficial for health and there is a natural spa on-site which is ideal for the travel-tired. There are also plenty of walking opportunities in the surrounding forest. You will like the wild flowers and high green grasses.


Soon after leaving, we will visit a city shortly, Tsetserleg, which is capital of Arkhangai province. From the city, we will drive to White Lake / Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake. On the way, we will also pass  by a great canyon named Chuluut Canyon.  Known as Great White Lake is lake in the Khangai Mountains in central Mongolia. In February, 2011 it was featured get away location on CNN.com. Terkhiin Tsagaan lake is a spectacularly beautiful lake with crystal clear water.The lake is perfect for swimming which has white sandy beaches. Enjoy evening by walking along the lake


A relaxing day at the lake. After breakfast, we will drive for very shortly to a volcano Khorgo. Khorgo Mountain is a dead volcano which lies on the west of Traiat village of Arkhangai province. Khorgo crater, situated at an altitude of 2.210 meters with a diameter of 20 meters and depth of 70 to 80 meters, is the most interesting at all. About 8000 years ago volcanic lava flooded the valleys nearby which are covered today with small forests of Sibirian larch and a great variety of berries and flowers. You can climb up to the rim of the crater for some fabulous views. In the afternoon, we will have option to ride horse or walk around the lake.


After enjoying the mirror lake, we are leaving for more northern part of Mongolia. Today we will drive to Jargalant Spa. On the way, we will drive on beautiful mountain hills while enjoying the deep forest and wild flowers. The path will make you amazed every minutes of the day.There will be opportunity to visit nomadic family on the way to see how our mongolians are still keeping the nomadic life style in the countryside and to share our culture by having interesting conversation.The nature around the spa is still great with high trees and will be so different. At the ger camp, you can enjoy the hot spa in the nature. 





After having a great breakfast in the nature, we will drive shortly and visit Murun which is capital province of Khuvsgul province. We will have short visit to local black market which is famous with its fish, dairy products and local candies. After exploring the city shortly, we continually drive for about 2 hours to the Blue Pearl of Mongolia. Yes, this is Khuvsgul lake which is one of the top attractions of the Northern Mongolia is Khuvsgul Lake. The extraordinary lake lies within boundaries of the Khuvsgul National Park. The area of Khuvsgul Lake, raised well above sea level, is 2760ms. Its length is 136 km and width 36.5 km. We can relax very well.





The Khuvsgul province is famous with its brilliant highlights including the Khuvsgul lake, Nature and especially Reindeer herders. However they live far on the mountains up to the north, some reindeer herders come down from the mountains to the lake for the summer time. We are once in this area, so we should go to see them. And we also can visit yak herder’s family which are also one of the main highlight of the area. After knowing the culture and life style of the area, you can relax at the lake by hearing sound of water J This lake is revered to all Mongolians and is known as "Mother Sea". Many Mongolians are proud to call this lake as "Blue Pearl of Asia ".





The area is also paradise for outdoor travelers and there are plenty of room for activities like hiking, birding, fishing, horseback travel and kayaking. Today we will go for hiking. Also you can climb up to the mountains to have a panoramic view over the lake. The area is rich with medical herbs and beautiful wild flowers.  Untouched by industry and modern urban life, the Khuvsgul Lake's water is unbelievably clean. This is a place in Mongolia where one can get sense of total unspoiled wilderness.  Optional horse riding is possible here. Lying on the flat stones under the sun shining around the lake is so much relaxing.





In the morning, we will leave the lake for our next destination. After driving on a new asphalt road for a few hours, we will get  Uran Togoo Mountain. About 60 km directly west of Bulgan city is the extinct volcano of Uran Uul and nearby Togoo Uul, now part of the 1600 hectare Uran-Togoo Tulga Uul Natural Reserve in the sum of Khutag-Ondor. Trails to the top of the relatively unimpressive volcano lead up from the west side.This mountain ranks as 4th highest mountain in Bulgan province. We can climb up to the mountain top to see the dead volcano full of grasses and flowers on it.





Driving for  km will bring us to one of Mongolian 3 biggest monasteries, Amarbayasgalant. It was built by Manchu Emperor between 1727-1736 with more than 40 temples in honor of Saint Zanabazar, the first Bogd and the great artist. The architectural construction of the monastery is amazing. During 1930s the monastery was destroyed by the communists. The monastery was being restored by UNESCO from 1975 until reopening in 1990. A couple of new monuments – golden Buddhist statue and a stupa –are situated on the hills behind the monastery. You could continue hiking up the mountains for even better views of the valley. 





After visiting our one of the most respectful monasteries, you must have had a night with very good sleeping. Today we will drive for km on asphalt road back to Ulaanbaatar. However our tour goes to ending, there is one more highlight to see. That is Aglag Creative Monastery. The monastery gate protected by Garuda griffin, which is laying its 8 eggs and a beaver with fish head to guarding. The area and nature around is like a small heaven on the earth. You will not regret to visit there once in your life time. Visited 2 pure monasteries, we will be happy to end our trip. Farewell dinner, stay overnight in the Hotel.BLD.