The Tsagan-Gol river flows in Western Mongolia, in the Mongolian Altai and Tavan Bogd National Park, the left and largest tributary of the river Khovd-Gol. The source is in the glaciers Grene, Alexandra and Musen-Gol (Potanin)of the Tavan-Bogd-Ula mountains. The river flows to south through open and wide valey. The river Tsagan-Gol is dependent on snow and glaciers melt. Water levels are highest in June once the ice clears. In summer, when glaciers melts the water color is white like milk, from it and name of the river had (tsagan = white). The lenght of the river 111 km. The gradient in places is more than 25 m/km. The Tsagan-Gol river flows into the river Kobdo-Gol (Hovd-Gol) a bit downstream Tsengel village. The major tributaries: left - Nalii-Gol, Khatugiin-Gol, right - Mudedy-Gol. At the river is many rocks with petroglyphs.