Embrace the Wild Beauty:
Wander Through Mongolia's Unspoiled Wilderness!

Kharkhorin, the ancient capital

Mongolia once conquered the half of the world in the 13th century. All of the important meetings of the war strategies were held by the king in the capital city of the Great Mongolian Empire. On this trip, you will see this historical town in the Orkhon valley and see how it was like from beautiful museums.
  • Visiting nomadic family
  • Riding horses
  • Staying in ger
  • Exploring culture
  • Going for hike
  • Terelj National Park
  • Turtle rock 
  • Ariyabala temple
  • Making new friends
  • Beautiful view of nature
3 Days, 2 Nights
Group Size
2-10 People
Jan-December 2024


We will pick you up from your location in the morning and our adventure to explore Mongolian nomadic lifestyle deeply will begin. Approximately after 2 hours of driving, we will reach a nomadic family.  After meeting the family members, we will be offered with our Mongolian traditional tea with milk and dairy products. After having tea, you can have conversation with the family to share our cultures and to get to know about Mongolia very well by talking to real nomads. After having lunch, you can walk around to explore or enjoy the valley with mountain in the countryside. It will be peaceful and beautiful. After dinner, you can learn. You can take good rest in the fresh air and soft wind without internet connection. BLD.


After a great breakfast, we will head to the first ancient city of the Great Mongol Empire which was dated back from the 13th century. It will take about 280 km to drive. However the city looks now as a simple village, the Erdenezuu monastery which was established in 16th century on the ruin of the city is the biggets highlight. We will see beautiful 2 musuems to get to know about mongolian religion and how the city was like. There are some other historial monuments to see. Importantly, the nature of the Orkhon valley is great there. BLD.



After having a good relax, we will go back to Ulaanbaatar city. On the way, we will stop by the beautiful sand dune, Elsen Tasarkhai for taking short walk and enjoy the pictersque nature around. The road to get back to Ulaanbaatar is asphalt and we will have time do to shopping and see traditional folk concert in the evening in UB. Have farewell dinner. BLD.