Embrace the Wild Beauty:
Wander Through Mongolia's Unspoiled Wilderness!

Heart of Mongolia

This tour is called “Heart of Mongolia tour” because it covers most popular destinations of central Mongolia. This tour brings you to various historic sights of central Mongolia, where the nature is most beautiful during the summer months with wild forests, awesome green mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers. Centuries old nomadic lifestyle will be observed and experimented throughout the journey. Mongolian traditional culture and folklore are other highlights of this wonderful tour.
  • Visiting Khugnu Khan National Park
  • Kharkhorin and Erdenezuu monastery
  • Tsenkher hot spring
  • Terkh, white lake
  • Dead volcano, Khorgo
  • Horseriding 
  • Riding camels
  • Exploring culture of nomads
  • Enjoying wild nature
  • Khustai NP, wild horses
9 Days, 8 Nights
Group Size
2-12 People
May-October 2024


Our adventure will head us to the west side of Ulaanbaatar for the Khugnu Khan national park to make us feel like we are in the mini gobi. The area of sand dunes, also named as Elsen tasarkhai lies along the east side of the Tarna river and it holds 58.3% of the dunes in Khangai/Central region. The widest part of the sand dune is 9-10 km, birch and larch trees cover the top. Also, this is a home to boar, wild cats, fox, musk deer, wolf, rabbit, badger, and ferret as well as birds like golden eagle, saker falcon, upland buzzard, common kestrel, raven, hawk, magpie, black kite, shell duck etc.The mountain has been protected since 2003 as a National Park. There are many historical places including ruins of Uvgun temple, granite stone statues. In the afternoon, we will have possibility to ride camel for 1-2 hours along the sand dune.


After having good breakfast in the nature, we will travel for 80 km to the ancient, first capital city of the Great Mongol Empire. When we get there, we will visit  Erdenezuu monastery which is one of the three most important monasteries of Mongolia. The Kharkhorin town is located on the right bank of Orkhon river, 400 km south-west of Ulaanbaatar which is the current capital of Mongolia. All around this stronghold, craftsmen's and traders' quarters and other houses were gradually built until by about 1230, the area had taken on the appearance of a town. The kharkhorin was destroyed in 1380. However, approximately two centuries later there arose the yurt of Avtai Khan, founder of the Erdene Zuu Monastery on the same sight. The great circular platform which form its base is still visible today. The monastery of Erdene Zuu is a focal point in the history and culture of the Mongol people. We will see 2 museums to get to know how the city was like and the Mongolian Buddism. There are many historical remains we can see. 


Today we will continue our travel to famous Orkhon valley  with Orkhon waterfall, which is one of the best sights in the Central Mongolia. About 250m downstream from the waterfall, you can climb down to the bottom of the gorge, it is 22m deep and dotted with pine trees. You can relax hearing the sound of strong stream of the waterfall and enjoy the view.  There was a volcano many years ago, but the lava stones are kind of decorations of the valley today. The Orkhon river valley has been protected since 2006 as a National Park and rich with yaks and so many of sheep, goats, cows and horses.In the evening, we will go for horsetrekking for 2 hours to enjoy the valley.


After having a good rest in the beautiful valley, we will drive shortly to a mystical monastery Tuvkhun. It is located on top of the mountain hill surrounded by forests elevated in 2300 meters above sea level. In 1651, the first religious statesman Zanabazar built a small stony building. The hiking will take about 2-3 hours on 2 sides. The path goes through the trees and colorful wild flowers. View from the monastery is amazing and you will not regret for this hiking. After coming down from the mountain, we will have some rest and continue our adventure to Tsenkher hot spring, a natural hot spa spring, flows from underground, through the seasons at a temperature of 85 Celsius. The spring is located in central Mongolia in a mountainous region, at 1,860 meters above the sea level. This is beneficial for health and there is a natural spa on-site which is ideal for the travel-tired specially good after horse riding and hiking. 


After having good relax at the hot spring area, we will head to our next destination  White Lake also named as Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake. On the way, we will  pass  by a great canyon named Chuluut which is also called as Chuluutin havtsal is 25 meters deep and a must see to stop by. Chuluut River flows through the wide rocky canyon that was made up of basalt from lava of extinct volcanoes including Horgo. It provides perfect streams for white water rafting.  In February, 2011 The great lake Trekh was featured get away location on CNN.com. The Terkh lake is a spectacularly beautiful lake with crystal clear water.  The lake is 16km long from east to west, around 4-6km wide from north to south. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake itself, birdlife and mountains around are now protected within the national park's restriction. The lake is perfect for swimming which has white sandy beaches. Enjoy evening by walking along the lake.


A relaxing day at the lake. After breakfast, we will drive for very shortly to a volcano Khorgo. Khorgo Mountain is a dead volcano which lies on the west of Tariat village of Arkhangai province. Khorgo crater, situated at an altitude of 2.210 meters with a diameter of 20 meters and depth of 70 to 80 meters, is the most interesting at all. About 8000 years ago volcanic lava flooded the valleys nearby which are covered today with small forests of Sibirian larch and a great variety of berries and flowers. You can climb up to the rim of the crater for some fabulous views. There are steps up to the crater from the west side. In the afternoon, we will have option to ride horse or walk around the lake.





Today we will travel to another beautiful lake Ogii which is famous by its birdlife, is one of the biggest lakes in Mongolia and located in Arkhangai province. It has 25.7 km squire area, average depth is 6.64m, in some sections 15.3 m and coastal length is 24.7 km. It is quite stunning place for birdwatching, fishing and swimming. There are 150 sorts of extremely rare and rare species birds of passage come to settle down on the Ogii lake. Also the Ogii lake has 14 sorts of fish belonged to the North Atlantic ocean area such as Esoc lucius, Rutilus lacustrisl, Perca fluviatilis, leucisous idus, Cyprinus carpio haematopterus, Parassius auratus gibelio, lota, Leuciscus baicalensis, Phoxinus pall, Phoxinus peronurus, Barbatula, Toni, Cobitus taenia sibisica and has plenty of fish reserves. You can walk along the lake while enjoying the bird sound in the evening.





After peaceful morning walk, we will drive to Khustai National Park for about 300 km on the asphalt road.  On the way, we will stop by an ancient ruin of a Palace, Khar Bukh ruin, dated back to 8th century. It will be interesting to walk in the ruined wall while imagining how it was like in the ancient time.  Then travel continually to the National Park which is a fine example of the wide river valleys separated by hilly terrain that characterize forest steppe. There are dozens of wild animals such as wolves, deer, and Przewalski horse which was reintroduced in 1990 with a cooperation of the Foundation Reserves for the Przewalski Horse and the support of Dutch Government. In the evening, we will see the wild horses when they come down from the mountain to drink from water. It will be amazing to see the wild animals in the nature.





In the morning, we still have some time to walk or stay in the national park. After lunch, we will travel back to the Ulaanbaatar city.  We will have farewell dinner.and take you to the hotel. Stay overnight in the hotel.