One of the most sacred mountains, Otgon Tenger Uul(3905m), towering at 4,021 meters above sea level, stands on the western edge of Hangai Mountain range and this is the highest peak of the range 60km east of Uliastai is the spiritual adobe of the gods and an important place of pilgrimage for many Mongolians. The mountain is the highest peak in the Khangai Nuruu and part of the Otgon Tenger Stricktly Protected Area. The mountain area is great for hiking and horse  trekking. Mongolians have worshipped the sacred peak of Otgontenger for generations. Every year, a special religious sacrifice ceremony takes place near the peak of Otgontenger. Badar Hundaga lake that lies on Otgontenger Mountain forms a unique feature of its landscape. Climbing Mt Otgontenger is challenging and the 12,845 foot peak is accessible only to the prepared and devoted climbers.