Mongol Sand Dune massive lies along the east side of the Tarna river and it holds 58.3% of the dunes in Khangai/Central region. The widest part of the sand dune is 9-10 km, birch and larch trees cover the top.
Also, this is a home to boar, wild cats, fox, musk deer, wolf, rabbit, badger, and ferret as well as birds like golden eagle, saker falcon, upland buzzard, common kestrel, raven, hawk, magpie, black kite, shell duck etc.
The mountain has been protected since 2003 as a National Park. There are many historical places, including: Uvgun temple, granite stone statues, Senget khad dating back to the Bronze Age, many tombs and tumuli in Khiidiin davaa in the south of Khugnu khan.