Khyargas Nuur National Park based on the salt lake amid desert and scrub grass, provides an attractive summer home for birds but sees little tourist traffic. The salt water lake, stretching from west to east, is 75 kilometers long and 31 kilometers wide. On the northwestern side of Khyargas Nuur there is cold spring that dribbles out of the mountain – locals say drinking from it has health benefits.  The main attraction of the lake is over the other side, though. Khetsuu Khad is an enormous rock sticking out of the water that attracts migratory cormorant birds. The birds arrive in April and hatch their young in large nests built on the rock. The aura created by the white cliffs, shrill birds and the prevailing smell of guono makes you feel as if you’ve arrived at the ocean. Several special of fish including the rare Mongolian grayling lives in Hyargas lake.