One of the top attractions of the Northern Mongolia is Khuvsgul Lake. The extraordinary lake lies within boundaries of the Khuvsgul National Park. The area of Khuvsgul Lake, raised well above sea level, is 2760ms. Its length is 136 km and width 36.5 km. The outflow from Khuvsgul Lake drains into the Eg River and Selenge River and finally reaches Lake Baikal in Siberia. This lake is revered to all Mongolians and is known as "Mother Sea". Many Mongolians are proud to call this lake as "Blue Pearl of Asia ". Untouched by industry and modern urban life, the Khuvsgul Lake's water is unbelievably clean. The scientists have announced that Lake Khuvsgul contains two percent of the world's fresh water resources. This is a place in Mongolia where one can get sense of total unspoiled wilderness. The area is paradise for outdoor travelers and there are plenty of room for activities like hiking, birding, fishing, horseback travel and kayaking.


A very long time ago an old woman who owned 5 black goats lived on the side of deep valley in the mountains of northern Mongolia. There was only one well in that area. Every day she comes at the well and waters her 5 goats. One day, she forgot to close the lid and the valley was filled with water. During this time, a strong guy came there and cut the top of a nearby mountain and out it on top of the well. “Uran Dush” mountain top stayed forever flat and the top of the mountain used as a lid formed “Hadan Hui” island in the middle of the lake. The original wooden lid of well float to the middle of the lake and formed “Modon Hui” island, the lake’s tree covered navel. Since then locals called voluminous water flowing out from the well as Huvsgul Lake.