Khongor sand dune is one of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia, which reaches a height of 300 meter, 12 km wide and 100 km long. The Sand dune lies at the northwest corner of the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain range. It is located 180km from the Dalanzadgad city, provincial capital.  The sound of masses of wind-blown sand can be heard from the long distance. This sound is so melodic and 300m high sand dunes called as “Singing Dunes”. There is an oasis called Khongor river with stunning greenery in the summer.  It is a great place to ride two humped Bacterian camel named by locals “Prince of Gobi” and see camel breeder’s everyday life. Getting to the top (45 minutes to one hour) is exhausting; every step forward is followed by a significant backslide, but the views of the desert from the sandy summit are wonderful. This dramatic scenery features many colors of nature as white sand dune, the light green grass, red-blue mountains and the eternal blue sky.