Stretching from Black water Lake and Hovd river of Hovd Province to northern border of the country, these legendary and mythical mountains that dominate western Mongolia are called the twin peaks of Kharkhiraa and Turgen Mountain. Standing at an altitude of 4116m above sea level, one can see Kharkhiraa shining from a far. Turgen Mountain at an altitude of 3917 above sea level is a snow-crested mountain and has very beautiful scenery. These mountains further extend to the south continuing at around 2000-3000m. The beautiful Altain Kukhii Mountain consisting of the mountains Yol and Khargait Buural on the west of Hovd River, join the Tsogt and Khalzakhairkhan Mountain. The area around these mountains is listed in the strictly protected area list. There are wild mountain sheep, wild goats, marmots and snow cock, white spoonbill and bustards living in the area around the Mountains.