It is an unique granite rock formations, about 60 kilometers north-west of Mandalgobi, in the middle of the dusty plains sheltered Zanabazar during the conflicts between the Khalkh and Oirad Mongols.  Later in 19th century, it was home to two revered monks who left rock drawings in the area. The rocks are worshipped by locals who sometimes pilgrimages here. Naturally, there is a legend that Chinggis Khaan grazed his horses here.  Five kilometers away, the highest peak in the area, Baga Gazriin Uul (1768m) takes about an hour to climb. One unusual sight is the half-hidden stone ruins of the 200 year old monastery. Concealed amongst the rocks and shaded by trees, some of the rooms at the back of the row roofless complex still have traces of blue paint on their crumbling walls.