About Visa

Generally, all visitors to Mongolia are required to get a visa. However, because of bilateral agreements made with some countries, this is not always the case.

About Visas

Mongolian Embassies and Consulates abroad have the rights to issue Mongolian visas to foreign citizens. For all types of visa application, you will need:

– your international valid passport
– a completed application form
– one passport – size photograph
– invitation letter /arrangements with a Mongolian tour operator/

Usual duration of tourist “J” type visa will be 30 days. Entrance visa will be valid within 3 months since the day of its issuance.

It is available to obtain your visa at your arrival in the Chinggis Khaan international airport and at the border passes of Zamiyn – Uud (from China) and Altanbulag (from Russia). But, if you do so, you need to have previous arrangements with Mongolian tour operator.

For more information please contact us or nearest diplomatic or consular mission of Mongolia.

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Ministry of Foreign affairs Trade, Mongolia:

Mongolia Immigration Agency: 

Consular service of Mongolia:


List of Mongolian Embassies & consulates abroad

Embassy in Almaty
Ambassador Mr. D.Dashnyam
g.Almaty ul.Aubakerova 1/1, Embassy of Mongolia, Kazakhstan
Tel: 007-3272-200865
Fax: 007-3272-293259

Embassy in Ankara
Ambassador Mr. P.Khaliun
Embassy of Mongolia, Koza Sokak-109, G.O.P. / Ankara 06700 Turkey
Tel: 0090-312-4467977
Fax: 0090-312-4467791

Embassy in Bangkok
Ambassador Mr. L.Dawagiv
Embassy of Mongolia, 251 Soi Rojana Sukhumvit Road 21 Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana Bangkok 10110, TAILAND
Tel: (66-2) 640 8017, 640 8018
Fax: (66-2) 258 3849

Embassy in Beijing
Ambassador Mr. L.Amarsanaa
Embassy of Mongolia, No 2, Xiushui Beijie Jian Guo Men Wai Da Jie, Beijing, China
Tel: 0086-10-6532-1810, 65321203
Fax: 0086-10-6532-5045

Embassy in Berlin
Ambassador Mr. D.Terbishdagva
Botschaft der Mongolei Gotlandstrasse 12 D-10439 Berlin, Germany
Tel: 0049-30-4469320
Fax: 0049-30-4469321

Embassy in Brussels
Ambassador Ms. S.Onon
Ambassade de Mongolie, Avenue Besme 18, 1190, Foret Bruxelles, Belgique
Tel: 0032-2-3446974
Fax: 0032-2-3443215

Embassy in Budapest
Ambassador Mr. T.Sultan
Hungary 1022 Budapest, Bogar Utca 14/cMongol Nagykovetsege
Tel: 0036-1-2124579
Fax: 0036-1-2125731

Embassy in Cairo
Ambassador Mr. Ch.Bold
Embassy of Mongolia, No.14, Str-152 MAADI, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: 00202-359 16 70 , 00202- 3591674
Fax: 00202-3586012

Embassy in Hanoi
Ambassador Mr. A.Tsolmon
Embassy of Mongolia, 39, Tran phu str.Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: 0084-4-8453009
Fax: 0084-4-8454954

Embassy in Havana
Ambassador Mr. G.Erdene
Embajada de Mongolia, Calle 66 No 505 Esguina a 5 ta-A Miramar, Havana Cuba
Tel: 0053-7-2042763
Fax: 0053-7-2040639

Embassy in London
Ambassador Mr. D.Davaasambuu
Mongolian Embassy, 7 Kensington Court, London W8 5DL, United Kingdom
Tel: 0044-171-9370150
Fax: 0044-171-9371117

Embassy in Moscow
Ambassador Mr. S.Bayar
Moscow 121069, ul.Borisoglebsky Per. 11, Embassy of Mongolia, Russia
Tel: 007-095-290-6792, 007-095-244-7867 (Consul)
Fax: 007-095-291-4636

Embassy in New Delhi
Ambassador Mr. J.Gulgou
Embassy of Mongolia, 34, Archbishop Makarious Marg, New Delhi 110003 India
Tel: 0091-11-4631728, 4717989
Fax: 0091-11-4633240

Embassy in Ottawa
Ambassador Mr. G.Batsukh
Embassy of Mongolia
151 Slater Street, Suite 503, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5H3
Tel: 001-(613) 569-3830, 001-(613) 569-2623
Fax: 001-(613) 569-3916
E-mail: ,

Embassy in Paris
Ambassador Mr. Ts.Batbuyan
Ambassade de Mongolie, 5, Avenue Robert Schuman, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, France
Tel: 0033-1-46052318, 0033-1-46052812
Fax: 0033-1-46053016

Embassy in Prague
Ambassador Mr. Sh.Odonbaatar
Velvyslanectvi Mongolska, Na Marne 5,Praha-6, 160000 Ceska Republika
Tel: 00420-2-24311198
Fax: 00420-2-24314827

Embassy in Pyongyang
Ambassador Mr. J.Lombo
Embassy of Mongolia, Mansu-dong, Pyongyang, DPRK
Tel: 00850-2-3817322
Fax: 00850-2-3817323

Embassy in Seoul
Ambassador Mr. P.Urjinlkhundev
Embassy of Mongolia
33-5 Hannam-Dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, ROK
Tel: 0082-2-7941350
Fax: 0082-2-7947605

Embassy in Sofia
Ambassador Mr. B.Dash-Yondon
Sofia 1113, ul.Frederic Jolio Curie 52, Embassy of Mongolia,
Tel: 00359-2-665929, 00359-2-659012
Fax: 00359-2-9630745

Embassy in Tokyo
Ambassador Mr. Z.Batjargal
Embassy of Mongolia, 21-4 Kamiyama Cho Shibuya Ku, Tokyo 150-0047, Japan
Tel: 0081-03-34-69-2088, 34-69-2162
Fax: 0081-03-34-69-2216

Embassy in Vienna
Charge d’affaires Mr. D.Moonontsagaan
Botschaft der Mongolei, Teinfaltstr. 3/6, 1010. Wien. Autria
Tel: 0043-1-535 3013, 0043-1-535 2807
Fax: 0043-1-535 3016

Embassy in Ventiane
Ambassador Mr. N.Aliasuren
Embassy of Mongolia, Q. Wat Nak Km.3, P.O.Box 370, Ventiane, Lao P.D.R
Tel: 00856-21-315220
Fax: 00856-21-315221

Embassy in Warsaw
Ambassador Mr. T.Baasansuren
Ambasada Mongolii 00478 Warszawa, Polska , ul.Rejtana 15 m.16
Tel: 0048-22-8499391
Fax: 0048-22-8499391

Embassy in Washington
Ambassador Mr. R.Bold
Embassy of Mongolia, 2833 M street, N.W. Washington D.C.20007, USA
Tel: 001-202-333-7117
Fax: 001-202-298-9227

Permanent Mission to UN in New-York
Permanent Representative Mr. Ch.Baatar
6 East 77th street, New-York, N.Y.10021 USA
Tel: 001-212-7373874
Fax: 001-212-8619460

Permanent Mission in Geneva
Permanent Representative and Ambassador Mr. Kh.Bekhbat
Mission Permanente de la Mongolie 4, Chemin des Mollies 1293 Bellevue Suisse
Tel: 0041-22-7741974
Fax: 0041-22-7743201



1. Irkutsk – Consul General Mr. Yo.Adilbish
Irkutsk, St. Lapina-11, Consulate Generalof Mongolia
Tel: 007-3952-342145
Fax: 007-3952-342143

2. Ulaan-Ude- Consul General Mr. N.Mishigdorj
Ulaan-Ude, St.Erbanova-12, “Baikal” Hotel Consulate General of Mongolia
Tel: 007-301-2215275 /consul/, 007-301- 2220499
Fax: 007-301-2214188

3. Kyzyl- Consul Mr. D.Puntsag
Gen. Consul of Mongolia. Ul. Enterenazionalnaya-9, g.Kizil, Res.Tiva
Tel: 007-39422-10430
Fax: 007-39422-10445


1. Huh hot- Consul General Mr. S.Chuluunbaatar
Zhongguo Huhe Haote, Xincheng gu Wulanziagu 5 hao, Lou Menggu Lingshiguang
Tel: 0086-471-4303254
Fax: 0086-471-4303250

2. Erlian – Consul General Mr. Ch.Dawadash
Erlian fandian 308, Hao fangjian, Ereen Haote, China
Tel: 0086-479-7521538, ext:2307
Fax: 0086-479-7522194

Consul General of Mongolia
600 North Bridge Road. #24-08. Parckview Square Singapore 188778
Tel: 0065-63480745
Fax: 0065-63481753

Consul Mr. Kh.Boldkhuyag
Room 613, 8/4, Str. Gelyabova, Kiev-037 Ukraine
Tel: 00380-44-441-0985
Fax: 00380-44-441-0985